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Understanding Home Loans can feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially for first-timers or even seasoned homeowners looking to move or refinance. There's a plethora of options out there, ranging from Owner-Occupied Home Loans to Interest-Only Home Loans, Principal & Interest Home Loans, Variable-Rate home loans, and Fxed-Rate home loans. Each of these has its unique advantages, tailored to meet different financial circumstances and goals. This is precisely where the Mortgage Broker experts at LoanBuddy step into the picture, making this journey smooth and straightforward for you.

At LoanBuddy, we believe in making Home Loans comprehensible and accessible. Whether you're stepping into your dream home or investing in property, we navigate the complexities, providing clear, concise information and support. Our experts are seasoned Mortgage Brokers, matching our clients with the most suitable Home Loan options, taking into account their personal and financial circumstances.

Find out how much you can borrow

In 60 seconds, understand how much you can borrow to buy your dream home.

We Can Help You By

  • Explaining all the extra costs, including; stamp duty, council rates and other hidden fees.

  • Helping you understand your borrowing capacity

  • Providing custom Home Loan options for people in unique situations, whether it be employment or an unusual security

  • Making sure we understand your future goals and objectives to ensure we recommend the lender’s that are most suited to your individual situation

  • Holding your hand through the home loan journey all the way from initial appointment, to settlement and thereafter

  • Building long term relationships with our clients to help support your financial future

Our Recent Reviews

Exceptionally Great Service refinance with LoanBuddy who is Shane. Can't appreciate enough what He has done for my refinancing with new lender. Quick response, efficient & consistent on everything and many more....

Yaw Mai

The service we received in assisting us to obtain finance for our property was second to none. The process was efficient, professional, stress-free and most importantly.. easy to understand and follow. Each step of the process was clearly ...

Lea J


athour shaheen

Buying a property can be a stressful journey, and getting a home loan is a big part of it. We decided to use Loan Buddy for mortgage broking services when purchasing our first home in Sydney. It turned out to be the best decision as we had ...

Jen L

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay to use LoanBuddy?

In most cases you do not pay for our services. If there is a fee to pay you will be notified up front before your application is submitted.

Am I ready to speak to a mortgage broker?

Whenever you have a property objective, be it buying a new home or refinancing your current one, it’s time to have a conversation with a mortgage broker, or, as we like to refer to them, our ‘home loan experts.’

We’re here to guide you on your journey, helping you reach your destination, wherever that may be!

How does LoanBuddy get paid?

Lenders compensate us to help you secure an outstanding home loan.

Why do they do it? Well, lenders highly value new customers, and our role involves handling many of the complex tasks that lenders typically perform to guide you through the home loan process. Hence, they reward us for our assistance.

Importantly, we’re impartial in our recommendations. As mortgage brokers, we are legally obliged to prioritise your best interests when suggesting a home loan.

Rest assured, choosing us won’t result in higher loan costs compared to going directly to a lender. In fact, we often secure better deals for you than the advertised rates.

Think of us as your trusted allies. We’ll always provide full transparency regarding any commissions, as disclosed in our documents.

Who is LoanBuddy?

We are an Australian Mortgage Broker business. At LoanBuddy, we pride ourselves on being more than just home loan experts. We’re your trusted partners in making you feel secure about your home loan choices.

Our powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and extensive experience is your key to discovering ‘the perfect’ home loan from a selection of over 30 lenders and thousands of loan options.

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